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Born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Clarita, I started using computers when I bought my first Mac in 2011, around the time when I was first got introduced to computers.  I am a person who likes to explore how things work and easily get immersed in it - I learn every feature, settings, and how to optimize it too.  That was just the beginning, it got even better from there: My parents got me a broken old computer when I was 11 that I could take apart.  My mind blossomed - I examined everything!  Cables, structure, and the motherboard.  I understood not only how it worked - but the physical way it was delivered.

I was 13 when I built my first computer.  I realized what was out there didn't have the strength or the speed that I wanted, so I decided to customize my own system - buying all the parts and equipment needed to put it together.  It turned out to be one of the most powerful computers I could ever own.  Over time, I replace older parts with newer parts, and it's still the fastest computer than anything you could buy on the market!  I have since built my brother one - and due to the fluency I have with computers I have been upgrading, fixing and optimizing computers for my family and friends for almost 4 years now.  I even interned at my school's I.T. Department for quite some time.

Over time, I have taught myself how to create digital graphic design and building websites. Starting around 2017, I have taught myself how to create websites using WordPress and learning how to create websites using HTML/CSS. I have built three websites (including this one) all by myself so far with more on the way. On a side note, I am a heavy user of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I practice graphic design very often in my free time.

Some personal things about me is that I have also built up an interest in photography. I utilize a Nikon D750 and I love using it a lot. I have done landscape-based photography and I love taking a variety of pictures whenever I travel.

Around this website, you may see things about me, what I do, and where I go. I hope you follow me on my adventures. Thank you for reading!


Sattva Designs Jewelry

When Risa Ross-Albertson was looking to redesign her website, she wanted something that was more modern and functional. So when I was asked to redesign her website, she asked to build something that was more modern and create a website layout that fits her brand. The result, was the redesigned

Sattva Designs is an online jewelry store where Risa sells a wide range of jewelry, including malas, necklaces, and more. Customers can log onto the website and have their products ordered online, instantly. Thus, creating a place where Risa can create products that can improve people's lives.

The 716th

World premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, THE 716TH is a hugely entertaining sci-fi adventure from Writer/Director Andrew Bowen. Made on a shoestring budget, this film is the result of the two years Bowen and his team dedicated to bringing this sci-fi universe to life. Featuring endearing characters, laugh-out-loud moments, a sweeping score by George Shaw and impressive VFX, THE 716TH marks a noteworthy debut from Bowen and the talented artists who helped him bring this exciting new science-fiction universe to life.

The website, was created when the short film released, and currently serves as a quick-access gateway into the short film's dialogue, it's characters, and the cast members. It also contains access to the full feature on Amazon Prime Video, available now for USA and UK customers.

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