A Minecraft project I’ve been working on

Some of you might have heard of an Airport I’ve been creating in Minecraft. It’s true, a project about 6 years in the making has been going through lots of revisions and concept designs over the past few years. This one will probably be the biggest one I have ever created. I’m calling it ICD International Airport. The image above is the welcome sign when you enter the airport from the freeway.

Get ready for screenshots galore!

Overview of Terminal A, the first terminal.

This is a view of the check-in lobby on the departures level of Terminal A.

A view of the security entrance in Terminal A.

Main Hallway of Terminal A.

Baggage Claim area in Terminal A.

A view of the road on the Departures level.

Terminal B, the second terminal.

Check-in lobby in Terminal B.

Entrance view of Terminal B hallway.

One of the lanterns in Terminal B.

Gate 16 in Terminal B.

Terminal C, the third terminal. Notice how it very much resembles Terminal 3 at LAX.

A view of the entrance.

Terminal C security zone.

A view of the right side of Terminal C.

A view of the exit hallway from the Baggage Claim side.

The Terminal C Baggage Claim, with a better spaced out design.

Last but not least, the work in progress International Terminal.

The sky deck with the lanterns on the departures level of the International Terminal.

The check-in lobby area, probably the largest portion of the airport so far. I put as many airlines as I can ranging from Avianca, Air China, All-Nippon Airways, Emirates, Iberia, British Airways, QANTAS, Air New Zealand, and more.

The lot where I will be putting the parking garage and control tower in. Notice how Terminal D, E, and F on the left are just breaking ground.

I will also be adding other attractions outside of the airport. Here, is one of the freeway exits with an entrance to a parking garage of a work in progress hotel.

On the other side of the freeway, there is an oil refinery and power plant I built. Notice how the power lines on the left are just starting to take shape.

For those Minecraft enthusiasts wondering, I am using a resource pack that is public to download. It is Yazur’s Huntington City Resource Pack found on Planet Minecraft linked here. I am also using Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders, a shader mod to make Minecraft worlds look better. I also use Xaero’s Minimap to pin waypoints across the map so that I can remember each location.

Other things to notice is how much detail I put into the buildings including air conditioning, electrical rooms, layered out piping at the refinery, and working elevators using command blocks.

Over time, this airport will be getting major changes to its appearance. All images you see here may not be the final product. I will continue to post screenshots when new things are built in the future.

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