My first Photo Walk

On September 9, I attended a Photo Walk hosted by one of my favorite photographers Trey Ratcliff and had an absolute blast. I went down to Santa Monica on Saturday and took photos from my mom’s Nikon D810 (I asked her to borrow it). I literally learned all of the controls almost instantly. Even went full manual in some of these photos.

I apologize if some of these photos are not super clear, as I had to resize these photos for the sake of loading the page faster.

Take a look at my gallery below:

Start of the Photo Walk, at Crescent Bay Park.


Palm Trees in the park.


Trey Ratcliff speaking to the group.


On our way down towards the beach.


Balloons floating over the Beach. There was an event going on there but I can’t remember what it was.


Two little photographers from the photo walk.


Lifeguard stand nearby the Pier.


One of my favorite pictures. Seagulls flying over the sand.


Girl looking towards another camera next to the waves.


Santa Monica Pier during the sunset.


West Coaster on the lift hill at Pacific Park.


Closeup of Mariasol and Harbor Office on Santa Monica Pier.



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