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Born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Clarita, I started using computers when I bought my first Mac in 2011, around the time when I was first got introduced to computers.  I am a person who likes to explore how things work and easily get immersed in it - I learn every feature, settings, and how to optimize it too.  That was just the beginning, it got even better from there: My parents got me a broken old computer when I was 11 that I could take apart.  My mind blossomed - I examined everything!  Cables, structure, and the motherboard.  I understood not only how it worked - but the physical way it was delivered.

I was 13 when I built my first computer.  I realized what was out there didn't have the strength or the speed that I wanted, so I decided to customize my own system - buying all the parts and equipment needed to put it together.  It turned out to be one of the most powerful computers I could ever own.  Over time, I replace older parts with newer parts, and it's still the fastest computer than anything you could buy on the market!  I have since built my brother one - and due to the fluency I have with computers I have been upgrading, fixing and optimizing computers for my family and friends for almost 4 years now.  I even interned at my school's I.T. Department for quite some time.

Over time, I have taught myself how to create digital graphic design and building websites. Starting around 2017, I have taught myself how to create websites using WordPress and learning how to create websites using HTML/CSS. I have built three websites (including this one) all by myself so far with more on the way. On a side note, I am a heavy user of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I practice graphic design very often in my free time.

Some personal things about me is that I have also built up an interest in photography. I utilize a Nikon D750 and I love using it a lot. I have done landscape-based photography and I love taking a variety of pictures when I travel.

Around this website, you may see things about me, what I do, and where I go. I hope you follow me on my adventures. Thank you for reading!

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